Hi, my name is Johannes Pelzer, and I am founder and developer of the Learn-Sword-Fighting.com website. I produce the videos, which means I do concept, recording, post production and anything else that is necessary. Because these are lots of tasks, I work full time at this project.Johannes Pelzer

"Naturally, I am a passionate historical fencer myself. My first contact with Historical European Martial Arts was in 2002. I have been training at the German fencing school Gladiatores since 2004, where I also give lessons as an instructor. Most of my training time is devoted to longsword, but of course over the years I have gained experience with other weaponry like sword & buckler, falchion, dagger, rapier and polearms.

Sven BaumgartenThe videos on this site are done in cooperation with Sven Baumgarten, who is the founder of Gladiatores, one of the biggest fencing schools in Germany. Sven has dedicated himself to Historical European Martial Arts since 1998. He has years of experience as a professional trainer and premier teacher of Historical European Fencing.

Our aim is to support your learning and training of the German Tradition of longsword through our videos, especially if you live in an area where you do not have access to frequent high quality lessons at a local school or club.

Translation of German into English is supported by Frank Aupperle and Harald Rotter.

English editing plus further writing and translating by historical fencer and scholar Jeffrey Hull.

Any music you hear in the videos is composed and performed by Alexander Werner.

Last but not least, I want to thank Maximilian Bräutigam for reworking the text content.