Striking & Clamping with Pommel

In this sequence the fencer uses every part of the long-sword to defeat the foe, much as suggested in the Doebringer Hausbuch (1389).

Half-swording (Halbes Schwert / Kurzes Schwert) calls for the fencer to grip his/her longsword with one hand at the handle and the other hand shifted to the blade (or even both hands) to wield it somewhat like a spear, pollaxe, or mace, whether for defence or offence.

Half-swording was used mostly for Harnischfechten ( harness fighting = armoured fencing ), although it could be useful at times for Bloszfechten ( bare fighting"" = unarmoured fencing ), and should thus be part of ones fencing repertoire.

Striking & Clamping with PommelHalf-SwordingStriking & Clamping with Pommel

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