The most important item for training is, of course, the Sword.

In the beginning you may want to use a blunt wooden or synthetic training weapon called the waster. The bamboo shinai of Japanese Kendo is also a possibility (although such are not really shaped like a European longsword at all).

We believe that eventually you should use the traditional blunt metal training sword of German Fechten. One is more sportive and could be termed feder (feather). Another is more combative and could be termed fechtschwert (fight-sword). These are recommended, because they handle and feel, especially when binding & winding, the closest to real sharp longswords.

Buying a training sword is always difficult. The best idea would be to handle various swords by various makers and swing those around to get a feeling for their differences. Of course not everyone has the opportunity to do this.

However, there are some basic properties which indicate a longsword might be good for martial arts training:

  • The weight is between 1.5 kg & 1.9 kg (3.3 lb & 4.2 lb).
  • The length is about 120 cm (48 in).
  • There is room for three hands on the hilt.
  • The blade has a blunt edge & a rounded point - thus it is not sharp.
  • The price is above 150 Euro. (Typical price in Europe - it may differ elsewhere in the World.)

Some sources for training swords of high quality: 

Albion Armoury

Pavel Moc

Fabri Armorum

Peter Regenyei

Arms & Armor